Saturday, 21 November 2009

Play time is fun time

Coding the forum has been full of challenges so far. Coming from a RDMS background, working the googles bigtable datastore has been a fun challenge to tackle. I get the feeling that I will be making a number of big changes to the datastore models when I see the forum under load.
The good news however is that the Play! framework has been as good as I could have hoped for so far. It cuts down on enough syntax for me to not feel bogged down by using Java which I was beginning to think would never happen. Though I have yet to actually test any code yet, I just can't be bothered doing any dummy html until I have all of the backend stuff written up for adding and viewing posts and discussions.
I have a habit of over-estimating my abilities and falling short of any deadlines I set for myself, so it should come as no shock that I don't actually have anything for you guys to view yet. I have talked with a couple of guys who previously showed interest in working on the forum with me in the past, and they both said they are still interested. This is great news as they are both very talented and will speed up development greatly once they are brought on board. Can't wait.
All in all things are still looking bright for the forum.

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